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Every organization is unique and has it’s own “culture,” and each company has a different set of requirements and needs. At J.C. Wilson Associates, we understand the importance of this, and will customize each search accordingly. However, there are essential phases that you can always count on; our fundamental search structure remains the same.

Position Assessment and Specification
Understanding the true needs and desires of an organization is essential to the success of a search. Through detailed “fact finding,” we will get to know your organization, including your history and your culture. And during this process, we will isolate the qualifications required of the ideal candidate, the level of experience you would like to see, and determine what it will take to bring in a successful new member of the executive team. This information will lead us to the development of a comprehensive position specification that will guide us through the entire search. It is also at this point that we will gather additional information about your company (e.g. research reports) to give to potential candidates.

Research and Sourcing
We refer to our extensive database of candidates and sources, conduct extensive research and use our broad network to quickly produce a pool of qualified candidates in the first several weeks.

Candidate Identification
During the process of identification, we carefully consider the candidates’ respective backgrounds, education, experience and accomplishments. From there, we develop a short list of candidates whom we feel will best fit your position specification. While short-listed candidates must possess all of the required technical qualifications, our firm pays extremely close attention to each candidate’s character, style and potential cultural fit.

Candidate Interviews
Prospective candidates are initially contacted and interviewed at length by a Managing Director, either in person or via videoconference. These face-to-face meetings with senior consultants provide us with the opportunity to assess the candidate’s qualifications, background, personal presence, potential cultural fit within the client’s organization, and overall interest level. At the conclusion of the meeting, the consultant will prepare a Candidate Letter describing in detail the outcome of the interview.

Candidate Evaluations and Recommendations
Typically, you will receive a Candidate Book within four to five weeks of the start of the search. In this book, we will present you with the Candidate Letters and profiles of five to 10 individuals whom we feel best meet your selection criteria. After reviewing the book, you - the client - will normally “short-list” three to five candidates to proceed with client/candidate meetings.

Client/Candidate Meetings
We will schedule mutually convenient times for your representatives to meet with the top candidates, usually at the client’s offices, but occasionally at a discreet off-site location. As this is a crucial step in the search process, each party must be well informed about the other. Through discussions with the consultant, resumes and Candidate Letters, you will be fully briefed before meeting face-to-face with candidates. Likewise, we assume responsibility for ensuring that candidates are well prepared for their meeting with you.

Reference Checking
Toward the later stages of the search process, we will conduct extensive confidential reference checks on the finalist candidates who will be moving forward. We recommend a “360 degree” approach (i.e. “superiors, peers and subordinates”) to reference-taking. Extensive discussions with these individuals can provide substantial insight into the candidate’s professional strengths, integrity, leadership skills and areas for further development. We will then review these assessments with you.

The Successful Candidate/Completion of Search
After the finalist candidate has been chosen, we are available to assist you in any way to bring closure to the process. We assist in negotiating packages and resolving outstanding issues to make the transition a seamless one. As previously stated, we stand behind our search results for a two-year period except for certain circumstances beyond our control.

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